Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Its Crazy how often I drew these guys growing up. I Still have all my toys and stuff. Sad how I don't have many drawing of stuff i love. So I Figured id Draw them. This time in a "cute" style. Im sure youll be seeing alot more of the TMNT from here on!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Break Free...

Eventually this will be in my Other blog. But it can stay here for the time being :)
I had Great Conversation With Someone I Respect and whos judgment I really Trust. It was long time over due.
There were certain boundaries/rules I put on myself. Things I would not do. Many people disagree on these topics. Some find them impure and dishonorable. Others see nothing wrong with them. So I had chosen to remain on the fence (sidelines) my entire life. Leaving to each is own Because It was always so unclear to me. Morally they were the only things I was unclear about. But after being compared to certain things, like the way I think of art. It all became very simple and very clear.
I took the night off to Reflect on this. I had many Realizations about these things that have always been so gray to me for so long. These things that have been holding me back, correction I have been holding myself back. But now I see, As long as my heart is pure and my intentions honorable these actions will not disrupt my spirit or my path. I am very thankful for the guidance I have received, and I hope it is not to late. I have finally ascended to the next level.
I feel so much lighter. The future looks so much brighter.
I have finally broken free...